What is a Chuppah?

A Chuppah is a stunning showpiece where the most important part of your big day happens. A beautiful chuppah makes even the simplest ceremony space special and romantic.

A Chuppah symbolizes the home you will build together and is open on all sides to represent that your home will be open and welcoming to friends and family. A chuppah is a wonderful symbol of the life you will build together, and a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Couples of all faiths and orientations rent Chuppahs to dress up their indoor ceremony space, add a little shade to an outdoor space.

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Photo: Manning Avenue

How A Rental With Chuppah.ca Works

1. Choose your chuppah frame from the selection below including Maple, Cedar, Birch and Copper, or a Hand Held Chuppah

2. Choose your canopy style from sheer white to a talit

3. Choose your draping style from any photo, all styles are mix and match. For example you love the birch frame but you saw a drape style on the cedar - no problem!

4. Consider whether you want a full service rental where we setup and take down, or if you prefer a DIY setup where you are handling all the delivery and setup yourself.

5. Send us a Contact Us form with as much detail as you can for a customized quote.

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